Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Medora, North Dakota
Red Trail Campground

July 22, 2009

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This is our second time to visit Theodore Roosevelt NP. Our first was in 2004 while on the way to Alaska. They have an outdoor musical here and it was cancelled due to rain and cold temperatures that time. Since we were passing through again we decided to stop and see the show.

Because we viewed the National Park in much more detail the last time,
we only did a quick reminder drive this time.

Our campsite at Red Trail Campground

The campground had music everynight.
This husband and wife duo sang western songs and took requests. It is funny how you can't think of anything when they first ask. As the evening went on we started remembering a lot of songs.

Driving through Theodore Roosevelt National Park
they are also called the North Dakota Badlands.

They were called Badlands because they were next to
impossible to cross with a wagon train.

Wherever there is a grassy area in the park
you will always find prairie dogs.

Looking down on the stage of the Medora Musical.
The parking lot is on top of the mountain.
The seat go down the side of the mountain.
Our seats were near the bottom. So we had to walk all the way down.
After we got down we found out that there is an escalator on the other side.

The opening number.
The sun is just starting to set and it is still light out.

The set is on tracks and was easily changed.
There is a square dance going on around the campfire.

The grand finale.
A salute to Theodore Roosevelt and some of the
famous people who came from North Dakota.

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