Glacier National Park - Part A
East Glacier, Montana
Glacier Meadows Campground

July 25-26, 2009

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We are back at one of our favorite National Parks. It will be 100 years old in 2010 and they are repaving the Going to the Sun road. Unfortunately, the repaving causes huge delays. So this time we have decided to not go on the road. We usually take the Going to the Sun road up to Logan Pass and hike on a couple of the high trails and get to see many mountain goats and big horn sheep on the trails.

This is our first stop at the East Glacier entrance. We usually go into the park up north at the Saint Mary’s entrance. The train passes East-West on the southern boundary of the National Park. There is a train station at village of East Glacier and and one at West Glacier.

We will stay here for two days and then move to a campground at West Glacier.

On the road to Glacier Meadows Campground.
The campground is 18 miles west of East Glacier.
These mountains are the southern boundary of the park.

Passing over the continental divide on the way to the campground.
The campground is three valley's west of here.

Glacier Meadows Campground
No TV, No cell phone coverage, No local landline phone.
Just quiet and beautiful scenery.
But we did have satellite internet.

A portable grill for the use of the campers.
Built on an old lawn mower housing.
Just wheel it over to your site.

The weather was great while we were here. It only rained one night
while we were in the car coming back from the East Glacier Lodge.
It rained at the lodge but not at the campground.
Night time temperature dropped into the low 30's, the furnace ran every night.

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