Capitol Reef National Park - Part A
Torrey, Utah
Thousand Lakes RV Park

August 2-5, 2009

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We are back at another one of our favorite National Parks. This is our third time here and we never seem to get tired of the views. This is one of the least known of the National Parks. It is also out of the way and not easy to get to.

We enjoy the views and the various auto and foot trails in the Park. The NP gets it's name from when the pioneers first encountered the "Waterpocket Fold" which is over 100 miles long. They felt it was like an impassable reef. It is made up of walls of deep red rock followed by Walls of white Navajo sandstone domes. The National Park contains only a small part of this Waterpocket Fold.

We always call ahead to reserve an end of row site which overlooks a red wall.

After a hot day hiking and exploring we get to enjoy the pool.

As the position of the sun changes during the day
the changing shadows make the wall look different.

As you drive from west to east through the park you go from
red walls to white walls to white domes.

The white walls.

The white domes.

The domes have different shapes.

The east entrance to the NP.
Our campground is west of the NP.

This is the trail along the red wall where the Fremont petroglyphs can be seen.

Some of the Fremont petroglyphs

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