Capitol Reef National Park - Part B
Torrey, Utah
Thousand Lakes RV Park

August 2-5, 2009

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We have several trails which are our favorites here at Capitol Reef.
On these trails you have to drive in on dirt roads to get to the trail head.
After a couple of days the car really gets to look bad from the road dust.

When it rains up north or to the west these trails turn into fast flowing rivers.

The trail head to sunset point.

Utah highway 24, the only road through the park.
It goes from east to west.

Utah highway 12 is a dead end spur which heads south into the park.

On the Grand Wash road to the Grand Wash trail head.

Still on the Grand Wash road.

On the Grand Wash trail heading for the Narrows.

The walls along the trail are gouged out by the spring water flow.

Some of the stones you have to step around while on the trail.

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