Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Part A
Dorst Creek CG - Sequoia National Park

August 10-12, 2009

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We made this reservation at Sequoia NP before we left home. It was one of the last sites available. We also tried to get reservations at Yosemite and Yellowstone NP's before we left home but they were booked solid.

The last time we were here at Sequoia NP was in 1975. We forgot how steep and narrow the climb was from the valley (275 ft.) up into the park and to the campground (6,720 ft.) with some of the road summits above 7,000. On the way up we are on the outside lane of the road and the drop offs are very steep and high. Iím sure Mom had white knuckles by the time we reached the top. She was on the outside of the road looking down.

We recognized much and also saw many differences since the last time we were here. Also, the road rebuilding which we saw at the other NPís was also going on here. Many people were not happy. But if they would have read the newspaper and read the park warning signs they would have understood when to be at the construction areas for least impact. We only had to wait 8 minutes at the longest. They stopped traffic and only allowed passage on top of the hour. So getting there just before the top of the hour you had minimum delay. People who showed up just after the hour had a whole hour wait.

We have seen both types of redwoods, the Sequoia and the Coast Redwoods. The Coast are taller (350' vs 300') but have skinner trunks. The Sequoia has much thicker trunks (40' vs 15') but are shorter. The sequoia is considered the larger tree because of the volume of the trunk.

One of the changes since our last visit is that some of the trails through the redwoods are closed. Another is that you can no longer drive on top of the ďAuto Tree.Ē When we were here before we drove on top of the "auto tree" with the full size 12 passenger Dodge van and took a picture.

Our campsite.
Having a drink and snack after a hike.

The view from the front of our motorhome.

Can you see Mom at the bottom of the picture?

She is walking back to the car.

The Tunnel Tree
We drove under this the last visit.

On the last visit we had Harry's canoe on top of the full size van.
We cleared by inches.

I'm standing in the middle of 3 trees.
Even though they are so large the Sequoia seem to grow close together.

Looking up between the three trees.

Mom standing in the burned out center of a Sequoia.
Over the years (2000 years) lightning has started fires
and the Sequoia as continued to grow.

Mom is holding a full size Sequoia cone.
How can such a big tree start from such a small cone?

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