Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Part B
Dorst Creek CG - Sequoia National Park

August 10-12, 2009

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Many of the oldest Sequoias have been hit by lightning.
They continue to grow but the top of the tree is a stub.

Here is a well shaped old Sequoia.

The General Sherman Sequoia
This is the largest living thing in the world.
Notice the stubby top?

The General Grant Sequoia was declared
"The Nations Christmas Tree" by President Calvin Coolidge in 1926.

The General Grant Sequoia

This fallen Sequoia has been lying here for many years.
Over the years it became hollowed out. It was used as a shelter by the Indians, as a stable by the Calvary, and as a shelter by the first National Park employees.
The root side view.

The top side view of the fallen Sequoia.

Walking through the fallen Sequoia.

Not much of a shelter by today's standards.

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