Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Part C
Dorst Creek CG - Sequoia National Park

August 10-12, 2009

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Kings Canyon NP contains the Grant Grove which has the General Grant Sequoia and many others. Another big draw is the King Canyon which has been carved by the King river. The park road starts at about 7,000 feet and drops very fast to 3,000 feet. The Canyon has steep granite walls and is very picturesque.

Kings Canyon as viewed from the top.

On the switchbacks into Kings Canyon

The winding road going down into Kings Canyon.

The King River with just the summer water flow.

The walls of the canyon has many different colors.

Looking down on the King River.

Time to climb out of the canyon and back to Sequoia.
Used 1 st. and 2 nd. gear coming down and also going up.

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