San Diego - Part A
Vacationer RV Park - El Cajon, CA

August 14-16, 2009

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We are back where we started our life together. As expected, the drive through LA was the worst drive for this trip. More on California drivers in a future file.

Our plan for the San Diego visit was to visit Mike’s gravesite, attend mass at the Mission and have a special meal at the Coronado Hotel. We did all three plus went to Point Loma.

Point Loma is on the end of a peninsula which protects the San Diego harbor. It is 422 feet above the ocean and gives you an outstanding view of the harbor, North Island Naval Air Station, and city. Unfortunately, San Diego is now covered in smog. When we left here in 1962 there was no smog or Interstate highways. So things have changed.

Visiting Mike's grave.
All of the graves along the road in this section are infants.
One grave to the left and two to the right are still unmarked.
It seems that during 1958 an average of one infant
was buried in this cemetery every month.

A view of the harbor and San Diego from Point Loma.

Looking down the coast toward Mexico.
The arrow is above the Coronado Hotel where we will be having our special meal.

Zoomed in on the Coronado Hotel
Notice the hospital ship in the background.

At the end of Point Loma is Cabrillo National Monument
Cabrillo is the Spaniard who in 1520 discovered the west coast for New Spain.
He died when his expedition got up into the Oregon area.

During the WWII the ocean side of the peninsula had bunkers armed with
cannons which were to be used to defend the harbor from Japanese navy.

After viewing the sights from on top of Point Loma we came down to the ocean and sat on a bench for an hour just to watch the waves hit the shore.

We watch some of the more daring people keep moving closer to the edge to try and catch a wave.

One thing that did change since 1962 is the expansion of the Point Loma National Cemetery. It continues for about a mile along the harbor side of the peninsula and for a shorter length on the ocean side.

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