Johnson Space Flight Center
Houston, Texas

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The last time we were in Houston was when Enron went bankrupt. We went to the Enron headquarters and I had Mom take my picture in front of their sign.

This time I wanted to visit the Johnson Space Center. This is where all US space flight is controlled. As soon as a missile leaves the launch pad, control is transferred from the launch complex to Johnson Space Flight Center. All manned flight from Gemini V and on have been controlled from Johnson.

This was the Gemini and Apollo control center. The light green/gray control consoles are the same as we had at the GE/Martin test facility in Baltimore.

Mom is on the flight deck of a shuttle mockup.

Did you ever wonder where the astronauts relieved themselves while in space?

This building contains mockups of each International Space Station module. The modules have all of the electronics and cabinets as the ISS. They are used for training. Also, if there is a problem in space they try to work it out down here.

More ISS modules.

The white modules are Russian.

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft is used to ferry men and minor supplies to the ISS. When it returns to earth it parachutes down to land. Several of them have missed the landing zone by over 200 miles.

Space shuttle mockup.

The space shuttle robotic arm mockup.
It is used for training.

One of the 5 rocket engines on the Saturn V first stage.
This is the missile used to send Apollo to the moon.

A complete mockup of the Saturn V including the Apollo spacecraft.

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