Melbourne Beach, FL - Part B
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Jeff Surfing

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Even though the surf was small, Jeff was able to surf everyday.
There was very little wind, sunny, and in the high 80's every day.
It only rained one evening.
Ocean temperature was 83 to 84 degrees.

Jeff waiting for the big one!
He was the only one surfing in our area.

I think I see one coming.

Here we go!

Now you have to stand up.

Then ride it as long as you can.

He forgot his belt!

Stopping on a dime?

This looks like fun (if you fall correctly).

Enjoying vacation?
Or is he thinking about work?

All this surfing seems to be a workout.
Do you work up a sweat while surfing?

Riding the board on your back.

The easy way to bail out.

Riding under the wave.

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