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Spring 2009 - Part A - Sue & Hannah 1

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Here we are back at our favorite site at our favorite campground. We arrived the same day that the owner of our favorite site left for home. (We called months ago to find out when they were leaving.)

I have been busy with other things so this update is kind of late. I updated the "mekkerfest DVD postcard" which I give to some of our friends here at ORA. I had to change some of it's format so the update took longer than planned.

Sue and Hannah came down for 5 nights for a visit. We enjoyed their company and I think they enjoyed Outdoor Resorts. When they first got here the ocean temperature was 72 degrees. With the wind coming off of the ocean it kept the air temperature down.

The Amelia Research & Recovery Co.'s treasure hunting boat was offshore while they were here so they got to see it. They have a very interesting website at

Our favorite site.

Sue and Hannah keeping warm on the beach.
Amelia Research & Recovery Co.'s treasure hunting boat in the background.
It has 3 legs which set on the ocean floor and lift the boat out of the water.

Divers getting ready to explore the ocean floor.
The yellow line supplies air and communications to the divers.

When the surf is rough, the boat lifts well above it.

Hannah brought a bird book here and wanted to see how many different birds
she could see up close. This blue heron was here first.

She got to see one almost everyday at the beach.

She really enjoyed the surf.

Went into the surf every day.

You do not get to see a deep red sunset very often.
They saw one on the first night.
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