Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Spring 2009 - Part E - Shannon, Zac, Nathan 1

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Zac brought his family down to Outdoor Resorts to show them where he spent most spring vacations. They stayed in a very clean rental, which gave them some alone time. Mother nature helped by keeping it warm and sunny every day.

Their rental unit and rental car.
This rental unit is 5 feet longer than our old mobile home
which we had in San Diego with 3 children.

Whenever Nathan sees a camera he says cheese!

It's time for the beach.
Grandma is waiting in the background.

The first thing Zac had to teach Nathan was the "tennis ball" game.
Throw it into the surf and watch it come back. He learned that very fast.

He would throw it and take off running after it.

He played with this old tennis ball for hours.

We got tired just watching him.

After a tough day on the beach and at the pool
it was time for a great meal at Villa Palma. Nathan say cheese.
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