Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Spring 2009 - Part F - Shannon, Zac, Nathan 2

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We spent every day at the beach and one of the pools, middle pool or ocean pool.
Some days they rough it and went to both pools.

Enjoying the middle pool.
It seems that Nathan is growing up around pools.
He has no fear!

Here you use a pool ball instead of a tennis ball.

If you don't throw the ball into the pool you jump in with it!

Chasing the ball.

Anybody see my ball?

Enjoying the Ocean Pool.
Grandma gave him an tube. He never saw anything like that.

He had more fun trying to get a "basket" with the tennis ball
instead of trying to float with the tube.

While at the ocean pool we looked up
and saw an Osprey carrying a branch back to his nest.
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