Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Spring 2009 - Part Q - Terri 2

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The fishing was bad for 2 weeks. Before that Jimmy caught his limit almost every day. He asked Terri if she wanted to go fishing. They spent about 3 hours and did not get anything. Just watch, fishing will be back to normal next week.

Terri is watching the poles and Jimmy is looking for bait.

Mom is trying to tell them what they are doing wrong.

The Ibis in the background wonder why
are they fishing when the fish are not here?
Even the pelicans and herons are not fishing.

Well if there are no fish we can still talk.

We went out one night looking for nesting turtles.
Found this loggerhead being measured by the FIT people.
We had to use red light to take this picture.
Terri's camera worked better than mine.

We came across this one as she was heading back to the ocean.
That is Terri in the background.
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