Chris & Ameigh's Family Secret Santa List

- Brass precision measuring bars
- Clamps of any kinds and size, I never have enough :)
- NY Giants Club head cover for putter and/or 3-wood. (I already have a driver cover.)

- Rachel Ray Cookbook: Everyone's Italian on Sunday
- Soup Mugs - any kind or color
- Slipper Socks
- Fonseca Port wine
- Bailey's Irish Crème Liqueur
- Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

- Moana soundtrack
- Rogue One soundtrack
- Joann Fabrics gift card
- Nice bottle of sweet wine
- Drink mixing set
- Dragonflight" by Anne McCaffrey

- Book: "Name of the Wind"- hardcover
- Book: "Wise man’s fear"- hardcover
- Steam gift card
- Black-purple call of Cthulhu dice set (from q workshop)

- Fuzzy, winter socks!
- Electric blanket for bed or for couch
- Cards Against Humanity expansions packs (already have #1-3)
- Earrings/bracelets (like bohemian style - tarnished metals and string/fabric)
- Photo album (travel themed cover - for my Korea pictures!)
- Gift card to: Barnes & Noble, Target, Forever 21

- Pyraminx
- Xbox gift card
- Sour patch kids
- Amazon gift card

- Target: Umbra photo line with clips (they have it in stores)
- Lightweight robe for spring/summer (any color)
- Big, warm plaid scarf (any colors)
- Speck phone case with card/money slots on the back (black, iPhone 6s)
- Gift cards: Artistry in a Hanover, Ulta, Target

- Samsung wireless charging pad
- Desktop microphone
- High-er quality pocket knife (or sharpening kit)
- Leak proof mug/thermos
- Retro 1951 Short Capless Rollerball Ink Refills (Black)
- Steam gift card (available at best buy)
- Money

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