Outdoor Resorts - Part A

Melbourne Beach, Florida

September, 2010

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Every time we come down here I feel that I will not be able to take pictures which are different from those which I have already posted. But it seems that while walking the beach and keeping an open eye for nature I always seem to find something interesting.

One day I saw a dead fish up ahead on the beach moving up toward the dune.
As I got closer I could see a Ghost Crab dragging the fish toward it’s nest.

Because September is the worst month for hurricanes and it is still on the warm side, there are very few people here. That is one of the things we like – having the place to ourselves.

The Osprey circles about 75 feet overhead watching a fish in the ocean surf.
I watched him dive several times and then pull up just inches short of the water.
The fish probably got spooked and dove deeper or took off.

He is making a dive on a fish.
At the last second he brings his talons forward and dives into the water.

This is just after he came out of the water. He was completely submerged.
He only has the fish by one talon. He will get up and over the beach and reposition
the fish to his other talon so the fish’s head is lined up with the direction of flight.

Heading back to the nest.
The fish is positioned for minimum drag.

Ghost Crab bring fish home for dinner.

If you look real close, you can see narrow trails in the sand created by the sea turtle hatchlings. They originate at the nest and head for the ocean. They usually leave the nest at night.

Because of the crabs, raccoons and sea gulls, not all of the hatchlings make it to the ocean.
This ghost crab is having lunch on one that did not make it.

This one is about 3" long.

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