Outdoor Resorts - Part B

Melbourne Beach, Florida

September, 2010

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Here are two guys which we have not seen at ORA before.

We have seen sand tortoise walking across the highway but never in the resort. Our friend Dean was in the gazebo at the ocean pool and notice a tortoise walking under the gazebo. He brought it to our motorhome to show us.

For some reason this fall there were several Banana Spiders in the resort.
We had two of them in the bushes next to our patio.

Dean trying to feed the tortoise on our patio.

We were suprised to see how fast it would move.
Notice the nails which it uses to dig its nests. They live underground.

Deanís washing the sand off of the shell so we could see itís color.

Trying to get off the patio. Notice itís clean and shiny back.

Banana Spider. It is missing one of the rear legs.
The body is about 2.5" long.

The blue lines are pointing to the two horizontal rows of eyes.

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