Reunion Campout 2010 - Part A

Sparrow Pond Campground, Waterford, PA

July 16-17, 2010

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The last time Mom and I attended a family reunion campout was in 2007
in Niagara Falls, Canada. We always seem to be out west when they are held.

It is always fun getting together. Just wandering around through camp sites and taking the time to talk. And there is never a loss for food. If we did this every weekend we would double our weight!

The Older Campers.

Dottie telling Joe how to fix the bike.

Making a ice run. - Great Balance!

This is my bed.

I get the bottom bunk.

Relaxing next to their tent.
They hope that the people in the cabin will not be to loud tonight!

When you walk around the campground you get to nibble at each site.

Whenever there are snacks out, people collect like flys!

If your lucky, you get to sit quietly and talk.

Or, you get to stand quietly and talk.

Or, quietly snack and talk.
Where ever you go you are always offered something to eat.

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