Reunion Campout 2010 - Part B

Sparrow Pond Campground, Waterford, PA

July 16-17, 2010

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This was a nice campground to have the reunion. It had a good layout and facilities.
They gave us good accommodations.

While walking around it is interesting to see the site layouts.
Some of the cooking setups which the Clevelanders use are really complex.

Mom and I tend to keep it simple and carry only the necessities.
Some of the mountain passes that we’ve been over were over 11,000 feet.
The gas motor really gasps for air above 6000 feet.
So the lighter you are the better. So traveling light is a habit we got into.

Nothing like a game of volleyball on a hot day!
The Subs are waiting to get in.

Get ready here it comes!

Just missing a dig!
I think she is on the wrong side of the net!

While the volleyball game is going on others are having fun(?) standing in the shade.

After getting sand all over you it's into the pool.

We took over this side of the pool.

It is time for breakfast.
The head chef is going to sample the food.

They have 3 cooks, 2 stoves, and a griddle, preparing food for an army.

Here we have 2 cooks and 2 griddles.
I get hungry everytime I look at this picture.

Let's eat.

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