Spring 2010 - Making Hungarian Kolbasz

in Liverpool, New York - Part A

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We have been making Hungarian Kolbasz in New York ever since the early 1970ís. Grandpa Mekker gave us a sausage stuffer (a metal tube with a wooden piston) which you had to push with your hip. Over the years the sausage stuffer broke and we bought an Italian made manual stuffer.

We started by grinding the pork ourselves. We now buy our pork already ground to our specifications from our local butcher. This is a major savings in time and only a minor impact on cost.

Our recipe was given to us from Grandma and Grandpa (after they argued about it). We tailored it slightly over the years and it is almost the same as Elmerís recipe.

With Zachary's pushing us, we make it every year. This is usually done during a school break. We call around to the family and take their orders. Unfortunately we have to limit our process to 90 pounds. Which means asking some to cut back on their order.

As usual it starts with Mom making up the spices.

We have the butcher put the ground pork into 15 pound bags.
Mom packages the spices into 15 pound portions and we are ready to go.

The first 60 pounds ready for spices.

Adding the garlic and water.

Boy is the pork cold!
If I make it look like fun, maybe I can get Faith to help.

She really is enjoying this.

It sticks to your fingers.

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