Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Part A

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When we left Outdoor Resorts last fall I still had pictures which I meant to put on the website. Well here they are just a few months late.

This picture was taken by our good friend, Jimmy. He told his friends in the Czech Republic that he can watch the missile launches from his home here in Florida. They did not believe him so he took this picture.
It is the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery on March 15, 2009. It was just after sunset. The first part of the vapor trail is in the setting sun and has a reddish tinge. As the Shuttle gets above the sunset's rays it has a white vapor tail.

Using Photoshop I added the comments and Jimmy and his wife Emma to the picture.
We usually go to the beach to watch the launches. You can watch them right from lift off.

This is our friend Dean. He walks the beach every day and then spends the rest of the day sitting here watching the ocean while he makes chains of shells.

Back in the early 80's, this used to be the snack bar at the ocean pool. Dean use it as his office. You can see the strings of shells and his Halloween decorations.

He has strings of shells all over the pool area. It really dresses up the place.
He even has them on the ground around the landscaped areas.

He caught this snake and brought it over to Mom to touch.
He was going to let it go but let loose of the head instead of the tail.
He eventually did let it go in the weeds.

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