Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Part B

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Each year I try not to put the same type of pictures on the Website.

This year the winter was very cold in Florida. When we arrived early in April we were surprised to see how bad the plants, grass, and trees looked. When I took my daily walk on the beach I soon realized that the bird population really took a hit. We were used to seeing large formations (20-30) of Brown Pelicans flying overhead, and many Ibis, herons, and sandpipers all over the beach.

The first 30 day here we only saw a few of these birds. I think the largest formation of Pelicans so far is 4 birds. Only one or two Ibis on the beach. It is very sad. Hopefully we will see more in May and June.

This picture was taken out of our motorhome drivers window.
Our neighbor has this Bird of Paradise flowering tree right next to the motorhome.
The flower captures rain water in the flower pod and mixes with a sweet sap which the birds like. This Mourning Dove is one of the many birds which frequent the flower.

I think the Mourning Dove watches us as much as we watch it.

This Ibis should be walking on the beach but is happier in the RV park.

Each year there are upgrades happening in the park. This is the river pool upgrade. Several leaks are being repaired and a layer of thin pavers are being laid down on top of the concrete deck around the pool.

These pavers are only about 3/4 inch thich.

The upgrade is finished. Besides the pavers, the pool was drained and painted.
New green border tiles replaced the old brown tiles.

Waiting at the end of the fishing pier for the sunset.

Waiting for the sunset we also get to watch a fishing derby by about 6 porpoise.
They circle a large school of fish and slowly collapse the circle and then feast.

A lone Mallard duck enjoying the sunset with us.

We never get tired of seeing the sunsets over the Indian River.
Thank You God.

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