Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Part C - On the Beach

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Walking the beach still is very enjoyable.
Out of 30 days I only took pictures on 3 days.

This was the wildest thing Mom saw on the beach (not counting me).

Fishermen wade out into the surf so they can get the line out as far a possible.
This guy has to walk a long way out because he is using a short pole.
Most Florida fishermen use a 12 to 15 foot fishing pool.

A pelican waiting for either a short fish or the scraps.

On my way back from walking down the beach I noticed a Frigatebird
(arrow in upper left) soaring in the updraft caused by the condo.
That is Mom in the chair next to the water.

The last time we saw a Frigatebird was 3 years ago.
They have a 6 to 7 foot wing span.

They use the Vee tail to control their direction while soaring.

One day while walking up to the county beach I came across this group of gulls.

It was made up of Royal Terns.

... and Laughing Gulls.

This bird is an Atlas V missile putting an Air Force secret space vehicle into orbit.

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