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Part E - Seafood Dinner

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Our friend Jimmy fishes almost every day. Some days he has a good haul and
some days no keepers. His wife Emma is up north on vacation for two weeks.

One day he caught 3 Pompano and 2 Whiting and decided to ask us over for a Pompano dinner. Pompano is considered the prime eating fish by the shore fishing fishermen.

Jimmy's first catch today was a catfish.
Not too may people like catfish down here. This one is thrown back.

A Heron waiting for a small fish or left over bait.
The tide is out and I'm just starting my walk.

The grill is hot and the fish are prepared.

Oops, have to turn the heat down.

They are ready for eating.

What the Pampano looks like after grilling.

Cutting the meat off the bone.

Ready for a great meal.
Mom even ate it without tartar sauce! And she liked it!
Emma you missed a good meal. But we toasted you.

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