Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Part G - Sea Turtle Nesting

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Terri was able to visit for the Memorial Day weekend.
Sea Turtle nesting season officially started May 1.
Until now there has not been much nesting activity.
I guess they were waiting for Terri. We walked a little way down the beach
about 9:15 PM and watched 4 Loggerhead turtles laying eggs for 2 hours.

This was the first nest we found. The turtle was already laying eggs.
Once they start to lay we can take a flash picture from the rear.
While making the nest the front flippers throw sandback over the front of her shell.

When she covers the nest she throws sand all over to try a hide the nest.
She then slowly heads for the ocean. Terri had to move out of the way.
Notice the rising moon in the background.

On her way to the ocean.

Almost to freedom.

This was the second one we got to see. Notice the barnacles on top of the shell.

Terri meeting our friends, Deb & Al, at the Charthouse Bar.
They leave tomorrow for Buffalo to work the summer at a marina and live on a cabin cruiser.
They told Terri what it is like living on a boat every summer.

Memorial day afternoon and the crowd is gone.

Iris, do you remember this towel?

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