Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Part L - Sue and Hannah

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When Sue and Hannah arrived at ORA there was very little wind.
So there was almost no surf.

But it is the peak of sea turtle nesting season.
They got to see a lot of turtles.

It was easy getting used to the ocean with no surf.


Resting after a long day at the beach and pool.

The first turtle we found was already laying her eggs.
So we were able to take pictures right away.
Hannah was a little afraid of the turtle.

But after a couple of minutes she could not get close enough.
The turtle is covering up the nest now.

The nest is hidden and the turtle heads for the ocean.
To hide the nest she throws sand all around. See how she even covered herself.

Racing the turtle to the ocean. Hannah is losing.

Walking back to the ocean with the turtle.

Goodbye! We hope to see you next year.

While we were looking at the first turtle this one came out of the ocean.
She went part way up the dune then went back into the ocean.
Something must have spooked her.

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