Fall 2012 - Coming back to ORA
Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL

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When we started to plan the trips for this year, we hoped to include a trip out west for late summer and fall. Itís been a while since we visited the Rockies, Capitol Reef National Park, and San Antonio. But with all the fires, floods, and tornados, we decided against it for this year. Hopefully, next year will be a better year to travel to those locations.

When we received Janetís wedding announcement our fall trip began to take shape.
Stop in Cleveland for Janet's wedding and a visit with Karen.
Stop in Savannah to visit Iris & Jeff. Then onto Outdoor Resorts.

I forgot to take my camera to the wedding, to Karens, and Iris & Jeffs;
so I had to borrow some pictures off the internet.

We arrived at ORA the day before the effects of hurricane Isaac hit this part of Florida. Even though Isaac was 400 miles away we had winds 35 to 45 mph. I would have hated to be on the road in the motorhome at that time.

Tropical storm Isaacís outer bands kept us in the motorhome for four days. It seemed to rain all day and night. The rain would stop for about an hour with almost no wind. Then the wind started, the rain showers started, the wind got stronger, and then downpour hit. That lasted for about 2 hours. Then no wind or rain for an hour. That cycle kept going.

Janet and Nick.- Janet thinking 'Now I got you!"

Beth, Amanda, and Hannah watching and wishing it was their turn.

Having Jeff's famous 'Low Country Boil.' - As usual it was delicious.
JJ is having a low country happy meal.

Their family enjoys working on puzzles.
They were working on a 1000 piece puzzle of the Grand Canyon.
As you can guess, many peices look alike. I found two pieces and JJ found 5 or 6 in the 10 minutes we worked on it together. They completed it about 4 days after we left and Iris sent this picture.

Mom sitting on the couch watching TV and waiting for the storm to stop.
With her pink 'blankie." She really has gotten a lot of milage out of that thing.
She is saving the ones you guys gave her for company!

The heaviest winds caused by Isaac were from the east. I went to the beach two days after it stopped and took this picture of the erosion. The step is about 4 feet high.
The high tides have already started to break down the step and fill it in.

Our good friends, Emma and Jimmy, are up in Wisconsin until the end of October.
This is how he secures his car in case of bad weather.

The ocean, wind, and sun are back to normal.

Mom is back to enjoying the sun at the ocean pool.

and the water!

We are back attending mass at Immaculate Conception Church
this is Father Nolanís latest joke.

A couple went to Israel on vacation. While they were looking at the Sea of Galilee they decide to take a tour on the sea. They went down to the pier near their hotel and found a boat for hire. They asked the owner how much it would cost. He said $300 per hour. The couple said that that was ridiculous and how could he charge so much? He said that it was a holy place where Jesus walked on water. The couple responded Ďno wonder he walked on the water, he could not afford to rent a boat!í

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