Fall 2012 - Part B
Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL

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Walking on the beach is not as exciting this time of year. There are very few sea birds. They all must be up north.

None of the Snowbirds are back yet and some of our friends who are normally here are up north visiting their families. Emma and Jimmy are in Wisconsin celebrating their birthdays and then Virginia/Washington DC. Carol is in Indiana celebrating her birthday.

We also had some special company.
Chris and Ameigh stopped by for an afternoon.
Terri rented a park model for 4 nights and Iris came down to stay with Terri for 3 nights.

Sunset in the resort.

Each fall the palm trees are trimmed.
The tree in the center is trimmed, the ones to it's right are waiting their turn.
The trimmings are piled in the street waiting pick up.

Three Ibis and one Willet walking the beach.

Lunch time for the Ibis.

Mom with Chris.
It was nice having some one on one time.

Ameigh and Chris enjoying the 83 degrees ocean.
Next time they should bring bathing suits.

Dad and Chris. We enjoyed a plesent walk on the beach.

I'm explaining to Ameigh where we look to see the missile launches from Cape Kennedy and why the beaches are empty and that up in Cocoa Beach it will be crowded. Melbourne Beach is a very quiet location.

Father Nolan’s latest joke.
A nun was driving to work at a nursing home when she ran out of gas. A passing truck driver stopped to see what was wrong and she told him her car is out of gas. He said that there is a gas just down the road, but he needs a container. She said that she only has a bedpan and gave it to him He went and got gas and was in the process of emptying the bedpan into the gas tank when two Southern Baptist came walking by. One said to the other “let’s wait and see if the car will start. If it does I’m changing to catholic.”

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