Fall 2012 - Part D
Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL

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Iris and Terri met a ghost crab while we walked on the beach.
It had a damaged left eye and kept walking in circles.

Watching the ghost crab walk in circles.

It's left eye is laying on its side and only the right eye moves.

It let them rub the furry legs.

Iris picked it up and placed it next to a large crab hole in the sand.
But it would not go in.

Outdoor Resorts is on a barrier island which lies between the Indian River and ocean.
The Indian River is 2 miles wide at this point. The resort has 3 heated pools, six tennis courts, and suffleboard courts.
We always rent site 277.

A good view of the ocean pool and the crosswalk from the resort over hwy A1A .

A view of the river pool, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts, owners lounge and fishing pier.
Many of the river sites have boat docks and boat lifts.

Jimmy is back from up north and looking for dinner.

Jimmy and Emma showing off one of 3 fish he caught.
This Sheepshead was the smallest of the three but not as common catch here.
He also caught and released a small shark.

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