Fall 2012 - Part E - Hurricane Sandy
Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL

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This year we arrived at Melbourne Beach on August 24, two days before hurricane Isaac arrived. Isaac was 200 miles off of Florida’s west coast and we had high winds and rain. Beach erosion was minimal.

We had plans to leave on October 31 and be home in time to vote. Then hurricane Sandy changed our plans. On October 27, Sandy passed within 200 miles of Melbourne Beach off Florida’s east coast.

The day before it was parallel to us we had 50 mph winds as reported at Patrick Air force base, 12 miles north of us. I went to look at the beach and the wind direction was north to south, which is parallel to the beach. Walking the beach was like walking into a sandblaster.

Sandy did major erosion to the beach and sand dune.

Looking north on October 26, the day before Sandy.
The sand is blowing in my face. Rain is approaching from the right.

Looking south. - Notice the gradual slope of the beach.
The sand dune, covered with green sea oats, comes down and blends into the beach.

50 mph wind effect on the palms.

Looking at the ocean from the gazebo.
It feels good to be out of the sand blast.

Two days after Sandy passed.
25-30 mph wind from the west. No clouds and beautiful sunshine.
A blue ocean with white breaking waves. Normal for Melbourne Beach!

There is a bad drop (about 4 feet) in the sand at the foot of the steps.
ORA is blocking access to the beach to keep people for falling over the drop.

The storm pushed up sand and covered the lower steps.

Looking at the erosion.

Look close at this view. The next picture shows how is was before the storm.

What the beach looked like in 2009.

Hopefully this will be back to normal by next spring.
After seeing what Sandy caused in New Jersey and New York, we have no complaint.

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