Fall 2012 - Part F - Getting ready to Head Up North
Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL

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As usual, before heading home, I made my rounds to view the resort bulletin boards.
I am always on the lookout for lots for sale. Unfortunately, none of the lots for sale are
in the area of the resort we like to spend time in. I guess we really get picky as we age.

This is one of the lots for sale which Mom thinks Terri and Kenny would like.

Nice concrete, landscaping, picnic table, storage shed, and dock with boat lift.
(Kenny would have to get a smaller boat.)

A typical sunny day overlooking the Indian River.
The sunsets from this site are outstanding.
The finger pier is 40 feet long and is shared with the next lot.

Having a final get together with Emma and Jimmy.
We leave tomorrow!

They have a patio alongside their covered/enclosed patio.
Jimmy makes an outstanding manhattans!
Everytime I stop over to help him with a computer problem, he will not let me leave until I have a manhattan. Sometimes I have to work on the computer while drinking a manhattan.

Emma made sure that I got in a picture.

We went down to our last sunset for 2012 at ORA.
Here is a view of the docks some sites have on the Indian River.

The sun going down on the Indian River.
A calm day with only a small breeze and no clouds.

A pelican looking for an evening seafood snack.

They must have great eyesight to see fish under water at this time on evening.

The sun is almost down. It is time to head for Liverpool, New York.

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