2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Back at Last

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After a long hard year with chemo,
Mom and I really looked forward to coming back to "her ocean."

Being here is always so peaceful and relaxing.
What is also great is that we get to rent our favorite 277 Pier Lane site.

The site owners left flowers, which they normally dispose of before heading back north, and did not cover the garden fountain. The also left a note for us at the office. They are glad we are back and we should enjoy the flowers, the fountain, and most of all, their little piece of Paradise.

277 Peir Lane

The flowers and fountain.

This is the triple palm in the front of the site.
We had to share the site with a Mourning Dove family.
Notice the nest in the center palm? More pictures in the next session.

Mom working crossword puzzles while waiting for me to get my swimsuit on.

This is GREAT!

I love having my own pool.

Kim getting ready to serve us at the Chart House Bar.
Our Monday early dinning. - We enjoy the Monday Happy Hour people and food.

One dry vodka martini for Frank.

Al and Deb. "Monday Happy Hour" regulars.
They go home to Buffalo for June - August.
While in Buffalo they live on a yacht in a marina.

I took this picture from our window table while having dinner.
The chart House is on the Indian River at an entrance to a marina.
When we saw this sailboat, we were hoping it was Frank coming to visit.
The tallest building on the other side of the river is the Ebb Tide.
Outdoor Resorts (ORA) is right next to it.
Some of the ORA sites on the river are in front the mast of the sailboat.

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