2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
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When we first parked the motorhome, I noticed that Mourning Doves were always around.
Then I realized that they had a nest in the triple palm.
We watched as the two adults took turns sitting on the eggs.

Mother dove sitting on the eggs.
Every time I went by she gave me the evil eye.

Keeping an eye on me.

Before we knew it, the eggs were hatched and the chicks were being fed.

There are two chicks. On is smaller than the other.
The mother is wondering why the smaller one is so small?

The smaller chick is on the right.
We were surprised to see how fast both chicks were growing.
It seems that just last week they were eggs!

Then one day both adults were at the nest.
The larger chick is outside the nest on the right. It is partially hid by the palm.
Just after I took this picture both adults left the nest.

The chicks are wondering where Mom and Dad went.
Then I noticed that the larger chick started to peck on the head of the smaller.
The next day we found the smaller chick laying on the ground under the tree.
I guess this his how they make sure that the stronger one lives.

The remaining chick got all of the food and really increaded in size.
The next thing we knew it was flying.

Th\his was the last time we saw the family.
Just after I took this picture, the adults chased the chick away.
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