2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part C - Around the Resort

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Most of the pictures I am taking are similar to the ones I posted on mekkerfest in the past.
So I'll try and use new and hopefully different pictures.

Atlas 5 launching a DOD Communication Satellite into Orbit.- May 4, 2012

Resting at the Ocean Pool.
We found a Mourning Dove nest under the pagoda roof behind Mom.
Mom is looking at an unknown bird type on the Ebb Tide roof.
I left my bird book at home!

Mourning Dove nest under the pagoda roof.
We saw a nest in the same location about 3 years ago.

When I first saw this bird I thought it was a Cormorant.
But now that I enlarged the picture the beak is too large and the wrong color.

Another view of the unknown bird.- It has short yellow legs.
Maybe Hannah can look this bird up for me.
Iris looked up the bird in her bird book. It is a Brown Boobie

I walked the beach today, it was the first day I saw turtle tracks. - May 23.
The turtle track is in the forground heading from the nest to the ocean.
Mom is watching her oecan which is at low tide.

A Blue Heron having lunch. He actually spiked the fish with his beak.

After sitting on the beach in the hot sun it is always nice to cool off in the pool.

We went down to the Indian river to watch the sunset.
This Osprey was hovering over the water watching a fish.

I missed his dive and talon first plunge into the water; he was too fast.
But I did get him as he was returning to the nest.
Notice how he holds the fish pointed in the direction of flight for minimum air resistance.

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