2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part E - Around the Resort II

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More pictures from our time at Melbourne Beach.

We tend to go to the Chart House every other Monday to visit with our "Monday friends."
While we were eating, this sailboat came into the marina. I did not bring my camera this day and had to run to the bar to ask one of our friends to take the picture. He ran outside on the Chart House deck and took the picture. To bad the umbrella is blocking part of the boat.
It is one that Frank can take to Costa Rica.

This woodpecker was on the palm tree in front of our motorhome.
It made a rat-tat-tat sound all morning long.

Another beautiful sunset over the Indian River.

Our very good friends, Emma and Jimmy, sharing the day at the ocean pool.

Mom watching the ocean and wildlife.
The dune has really grown over with sea oats since we were here last.

Its been a year and a half since we have been here. One thing we really noticed is the reduced amount of wildlife. We used to put our lawn chairs where we could put our feet in the surf. We enjoyed watching the Sandpipers, Willets, and Ibis foraging for food. The sandpipers fought other sandpipers for territory. The Willets did the same. The Sandpipers have short legs and beaks, the Willets medium size legs and beaks, and the Ibis long legs and beaks. They each worked a different part of the surf. It was fun watching them run out with the surf do some probing of the sand with their beaks and then run back up the beach just ahead of the surf.
Now you can walk a mile on the beach and see only one or two Sandpipers, Willets, or Ibis.

There are 3 Sandpipers and 2 sea gulls on the left. Three Ibis on the right.
Its almost low tide and small west wind blowing out to sea. There is a sandbar just below the surface out where the breaking waves are. Beyond the sandbar is a large group of Pelicans. This is the largest group of Pelicans we have seen this year. More about the Pelicans in the Part F.

Ibis looking for food.

The Pelicans floating on the surface are resting after eating.
The smaller birds are sea gulls. They stay alongside the pelicans trying to get scraps.
If the fish is too large, the Pelican will cut part of the fish off and let it fall into the ocean.
More about the Pelicans in the Part F.

I'm out on the sandbar. Mom is sitting on a chair by the steps.
As you can see, it is really Mom's ocean!

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