2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part F - Pelicans

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Since we have been here we have not seen as many Pelicans as in the past years.

Then on June 4th, we went to the beach and found hundreds. The west 10 mph wind was blowing from land to the ocean and kept the surf down. We arrived at low tide and enjoyed watching the Pelicans fish. At low tide there is a sandbar just under the surface running parallel to the beach about 25 yards off the beach. The pelicans were fishing just beyond the sandbar.

They fly about 20 - 25 feet in the air and pick out the fish they want; then dive.
It looks like fun. Some times you will see them skim 3 - 4 feet above the water and dive.
The wave in the foreground is breaking on the sandbar.

This one is diving on a fish. The sea gull is moving out of the way.

Pelican diving on a fish with a sea gull hot on it's tail.

Pelican diving into the water and grabbing a fish while the Sea Gull lands on his head.

Did he get anything?
He must have. Three Sea Gulls are waiting.

He has to position the fish so it will slide down his throat when he points straight up.
The Sea Gull is waiting but did not get anything this time.

This fishing boat came right through the middle of the Pelicans.
They scattered but came back.
I guess fishermen think they own the ocean. But it is really Mom's ocean.

This guy was more careful. He went around them.

When I looked down into the water just past the sandbar there were millions of minnows.
Here you can see a school of larger fish having a feast on the minnows.
The Pelicans dive on the larger fish.

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