2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part G - Jimmy's Pelican

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Whenever I walk the beach I like to watch the pelicans who sit on the beach next to fishermen. They sit patiently waiting for the fishermen to catch an undersize fish and toss it to them.

The following pictures were not taken by me. My good friend Jimmy, who is an avid fisherman, asked me over to help him with a computer problem. When I saw the pictures on his computer I just had to have them to show on mekkerfest.

Making a pelican beg.

He will eat all the fish I catch.

The fish disappear as soon as I put them in here.

Lets sit down and rest.

We can sit in the shade for a while.

I think he is hungry again.

The pelican stayed with Jimmy all day long. At the end of the day, when Jimmy left to go back the trailer the pelican followed him to the steps over the dune but stayed on the beach. The next day Jimmy went fishing and the Pelican returned and stayed for the day.
That was the last time Jimmy saw him.

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