2012 - Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part H - Greater Shearwater

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An article in the June 21 newspaper was about Greater Shearwater birds being washed up on the beaches in Brevard County where we are located. These birds are one of the very few birds which breed in the southern hemisphere and migrate to the northern hemisphere. They breed mainly on the island of Tristan da Cunha which is located between South America and Africa. They migrate to Iceland, Greenland, and Canada Maritimes. They live at sea and spend very little time on land.

They feel the birds are victims of high winds and large waves. These conditions have been at sea for several weeks. The large waves kept them from their food. The high head winds tired them out. Most of the birds which were brought into the local clinic have died. Their stomachs were empty and they were beyond help.

Walking the beach, always with the camera.

This is first Greater Shearwater I encountered.
It let me walk around without much concern. As I moved behind it, it turned around.

This is second Shearwater I encountered.

The second one was too tired to move except follow me with it's head.

One was below the high tide line, so I picked it up and placed it higher on the beach.

I went back the next day and both birds were gone.
Hopefully they got some strength back and were able to fly out to sea and fish.

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