2012 - On the way home from Florida
Part K - Savannah South KOA

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We left Outdoor Resorts in the rain. Tropical Storm Debby is in the Gulf and moving slowly towards Florida. It is scheduled to hit land today, Tuesday, and pass over Jacksonville by Thursday. So we decided to get north of it as soon as possible. On the way to Georgia we had a strong tail wind. But along with it came periods of heavy down pour. Iím sure if we waited a day it would have gotten worse.

We stopped about 15 miles south of Savannah at a KOA just off I-95. Iris called us as we passed into Georgia and it was really pouring. We told her that they should not visit us if it was raining very hard, it would be too dangrous for them driving. By the time we got to the campground the rain stopped. Iris, Jeff and the kids stopped over with pizza and salad in the evening. It was great having pizza and salad delivered with love.

The KOA has a small lake which has fish and wild(?) swans. ducks, and Canada geese.
They allow fishing and also put out buckets of food for the birds.

JJ, Sami, and Iris enjoyed feeding the birds.
Jeff protected the birds.

Mom stood by and watched and laughed.

JJ had a good time throwing the food and watching the geese fight over it.

Iris wanted the swan to eat out of her hand.

Mommy, this is how you feed them. They tickle your hand while they eat.
JJ has to really reach far into the bucket to get more food.

Can I ride one?

It's time to leave.

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