2013 - Cleveland

Well this is my first trip without Mom. I was not sure if I was going to continue with mekkerfest.com; because I enjoyed taking pictures with her in them. Also I needed her to review the pictures and text before I uploaded it to the website. She always seemed to add small but important things which I overlooked. But as the trip progressed I felt it necessary to keep things going as before. Mom is here at my side and she is helping me get through this.

The quick trip to Cleveland (Sunday, Sept. 15) and setting up at Punderson State Park went somewhat uneventful. I am missing the many reminders which Mom always gave me. When I pulled into the Flying J station for gas I had to look for their awards card. At the start of a trip, Mom always asked for my wallet and pulled out the cards I would not need on the trip and inserted the ones which I did. Since a motorhome pulled in behind me at the Flying J, I had to quickly locate the card and get out , fill up, wash the bugs off the windshield, grab the receipt, get back in the motorhome, and move out. I was driving a good 5 minutes on the interstate when I got hit on the head by my first-aid kit, of all things, which I keep in the side compartment over my head. It is the same compartment I took the awards card out of. Guess who forgot to remind me to close it? At this time I felt I should not stop on the shoulder; so I kept driving. Then the Workhorse Owners Book hit me. I looked up just in time to see my large magnafing glass (in a box) coming down. I was able to catch that without running off the road. So I decided to pull onto the shoulder, take off my seat belt, stand up and close the darn door. Then I called out, “You forgot to remind me Babe!”

The campsite at Punderson was nice. Almost level and when you sat at the picnic table you could look down on the lake. It is one we always wanted but it was always taken by the time we were ready to cement our travel plans.

I had a sore throat and running nose on Friday; it got much worse Saturday and Sunday by adding aches and hacking. I cancelled out of a planned Sunday evening meeting with Mary Lee and Ron at a nearby BBQ Rib place. Instead I took a nice hot shower and went to bed.

Monday, Ron went to Elmer’s house and picked up an hydraulic control box which I had the factory ship to him after they repaired it. He brought it to Punderson and I was able to install it. Now my slide outs and levelers work again.

In the afternoon I went to Twinsburg to visit Judy's sister Karen at 2 PM and did not leave until after midnight. Karen shared stories of Steve and I shared stories of your Mom. We both took turns crying. It just felt so good to talk and talk and talk. The only time we stopped is when Karen’s children came in for dinner and then left. I forgot to take my camera. Karen has a beautiful home in an ideal location for her.

Tuesday, forgetting my camera again, (Babe, I need your reminders!) I visited little Dottie and her horse Shirley. It was a wonderful visit; Dottie, Joe, and little Joe were there also. I’m sure that Mom was by my side all day long and just loving every minute. I only planned to stay for an hour, but did not want to leave; I think I stayed over 4 hours. Besides a tour of her house, barn and land, I got a great tour of the Amish country side and two of little Dottie’s favorite Amish stores. She introduced me to the owner of one store. They had so many interesting things and at a reasonable price. I bought some things I wanted for the motorhome. And I Finally got to see Joe & Dottie’s barn. If you guys come to Cleveland you have to get this tour. Dottie has a very nice and comfortable house.

I could not get over seeing the Amish children either walking in the streets, riding in horse drawn buggies, playing or working in their yards. They were always clean and the boys seemed to have brand new hats. Then I thought of the soppy kids on our streets smoking cigarettes, talking on the cell phone, blocking traffic, and their pants down over their butts.
What a contrast!

Well enough of the narration. The pictures should be loaded by now so let’s see them.
I did take my camera to Mary Lee and Ron's on Wednesday.
It felt good to sit and talk around the dinner table.

Joe and Dottie relaxing before dinner.

Marty and Elmer also relaxing before dinner.

Jimmy can't wait for dinner.

Neither can Ron. I caught him sneaking a bite.

He is not the only one. Veronica is hiding in the kitchen with her mouth full!

Veronica and Mandy started drinking before the rest of us!

Mary Lee and Ron. - The work is all done, let's eat.

Chicken soup with Hungarian noodles (Csiga)....

… and Hungarian Stuff Cabbage

Having a fun time eating.

On Thursday I went to see where Veronica Worked and her Apartment.
Veronica in her office. Wow, she has an office with a door.
It took me 30 years to get an office with a door.

It is wonderful. She has a job she is very happy with.

Julie enjoying her job.

Bobby enjoying his job.

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