2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part A
September 23 - 28, 2013

When I was traveling with Mom we only averaged about 5 hours driving each day. Mom had a hard time getting started in the morning; we usually did not start until 9:30 – 10:00; by 3 PM she was ready to get off the road and relax. My average start time now is 8:30. My driving time varied. I planned to stop half way between Cleveland and Savannah. But the campground I selected did not have a pull-through site (I called from a rest area about an hour before) and each place I called closer to Savannah said the same thing. So I ended up driving over 10 hours instead of 7. It made the next day’s trip to savannah shorter.

In the past, the 6 hour drive from Savannah to Melbourne Beach had a overnight stay about 1-2 hours north of Melbourne Beach. I drove that leg non-stop.

It has always been hard trying to take pictures which I have not shown on the website before. But this time I think I have a couple of old friends from Cleveland looking at the website. So I will be talking to them as I go along. The rest of you will have to see the same old thing. I never get tired of being here.

When I arrived on Monday it was a downpour. I pulled into the area where you park to register and I noticed the barriers going up. I did not think anything about it and put on my rain jacket and headed over to the office. Connie, one of the 3 women who work there, came out and was waving at me. I thought she was saying hi. Well she wanted me to just drive in and park on my site and come back after the rain stops to register. It worked out better; I got a big hug and kiss for a welcome and some tears about missing Judy. We have known them for over 10 years. Connie asked if I wanted to register for just a couple of days. I asked why? She said if I wanted to leave after a couple days I can, but if I pay for 30 days (which is the best rate) she cannot refund any money. I told her thanks. This is going to be the worst place for me to miss Judy and I have to learn to do it. It is now or never.

The next day I had to make a run to the Melbourne Beach post office to mail an anniversary card. On the way back I realized that the card key which opens the barriers into the resort was in my rain jacket. So I had to stop and go into the office. Dianne was on duty that day so I got another big hug and kiss and more tears about Judy. I told her my copilot forgot to tell me to put the card key in the car. Now I realized that is another responsibility which I have to assume. The things I used to take for granted!

Our good friend Jimmy stopped over and we talked for awhile and then we went to his trailer to have Manhattans’ with Emma. Emma gave me a big hug and kiss. It was great talking with them. They told me about their summer and had questions about mine. I stayed late and then invited them for drinks on Thursday.

Riding around the resort on my bike I saw these Ibis sitting in the shade.

They feel that they own the road!

I'm starting my walk south; it is 9:47 in the morning, its low tide, and the beach is deserted.
There is a storm out in the ocean but the wind is blowing more to the north than to the west.
It should not affect me. The sun is trying to break through the clouds.

This is unusual. An Osprey standing on the beach.
They are usually up in a tree, bush, or on a roof looking for fish.
That pink building in the background is a motel which is 1.1 miles from ORA.
The motel is not leaning; I'm not holding the camera level.

The Osprey took off as I approached and flew over head.

A view looking north. The tall building and farthest away is the Ebb Tide.
ORA's beach is next to it; that is where I started.

Coconut Point County Beach, 1.3 miles from ORA.
The wind is really starting to blow and the surf is getting larger.
No swimmers or sun bathers, just fishermen.

The wind direction has changed and is more to the west than north.
That storm is heading this way. I better head for home.

I'm half way back.

The storm is breaking up.

It started to rain just after I got in the motorhome.
My solar dolls on the dash are waving at the rain.

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