2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part B

We had three or four days of rain with breaks of sunshine.
Then it changed to mainly sunshine with breaks of light sprinkles.

Terri asked if she could come down and spend a week with me. I know she really likes being here and it is great having her here. She likes walking the beach with me and also doesn’t mind hanging by herself at times. She is ideal company.

Yesterday's beach picture had a dark storm cloud over the Ebb Tide.
This picture is what it normally looks like.
The tide is out and it makes for ideal walking.

I really like watching a soaring Osprey.

I was doing laps in the pool after my walk and when I looked up I saw this
Turkey Vulcher standing on a pole next to the pool and scanning the beach.

Some sunsets over the Indian River are so-so.

Wait a day and you can see a little more red.

Terri went down to the beach early to read.
As usual for this time of year, she has the beach to herself.

I wasn't sure if she was asleep - She is reading.

The only noise is the breaking waves.

I wanted to take a picture of Terri on our walk.
She insisted taking a picture of me instead.

So we took one together.

It is easier to take her picture when she does not have a choice.

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