2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part C
Socializing with our friends

Over the years, Mom and I made many friends here at Outdoor Resorts. We have three friends which became very close: Emma and Jimmy who live 4 sites up the street and Carol who lives across the street.

Before I continue I have to give you some history. Mom always made the drinks for us because she did not like the way I made her Manhattans. When we were here last spring she had me buy a shaker and some good glasses on Amazon.com and told me to learn to make Manhattans the way Jimmy does. We did have Emma and Jimmy over before we left and I struggled through two rounds. They were nice and said that they were not bad.

When I first arrived on this trip, Emma and Jimmy had me over for Manhattans. I reciprocated and had them over. I think I have the shaking part down, now I have to work on the ingredients. We always start with a toast to Mom.

The last time Terri was here she only met Jimmy. Emma and Carol were both up north visiting family. So this was a good time for her to visit with them all.

Mom and I also have our favorite resturants here in the Melbourne area. Terri also likes them.

Terri and me preparing for a great German meal at Cafe Coconut Cove.
We have a window seat which overlooks the 2 mile wide Indian River.

Terri likes taking pictures of the food as it is presented.
She then sends it on to Kenny to make him jealous.
This is the smoked fish appetizer – 1 of my 3 favorite appetizers at the café.

Jimmy - Emma - Me - Terri - Carol
As usual, I did not take out the camera until after the shrimp were all gone.
Terri had to remind me!

Terri looking at her eMail.

Jimmy talking about the first time he drank too much.
We are over at Carol's unit for drinks. She introduced us to "Between the Sheets" cocktail.

Emma and Terri enjoying another drink.

Me with Carol.
Between the Sheets is a refreshing summer drink.

Jimmy and Carol joking around.
He grabbed her hand and put it on his leg as I took the picture.

Our group picture. Jimmy's back was hurting so he could not sit forward.
The camera's flash did not carry that far.

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