2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part D
More Socializing with our friends

Mom had a lot of favorite restaurants. You can pick any of the Great Lodges or any of the hundreds of locations we stopped at while traveling through the USA or Canada and she would say she had a favorite restaurant there. She would have made an outstanding critic. She had a gauge which would allow a log cabin in Montana (red and white checkered tablecloths, very friendly service, good food, different food, and a unforgettable good ambiance.) be on equal footing with a great lodge. If we came within 200 miles of one of her favorites she always insisted we change our route and head in that direction to get another good meal.

The Chart House of Melbourne was one of those favorites; I feel it was her number one favorite. Until 2013 we went there to eat and socialize every Monday whenever we were in Melbourne. The only restaurant we went to during her last trip here was the Chart House, and that was just one time in 70 days. Momís last visit to the Chart House could not have been any better. The Chart House staff really helped make it a perfect ending.

Terri and me enjoying a drink at the Chart House bar.
Guess who forgot the camera again? - I wish Terri had a better cell phone!

Richard and Terri. - I met him about 2 years ago at the bar.
Terri sparked his interest in a Costa Rica fishing trip.
She should be able to deduct this trip as a business expense.

With Kim - Our favorite bartender.
We have known Kim for ages.

With Tom - Our favorite waiter
We have known Tom for over 5 years.

With George and Urie - Our favorite Valets
We have known George for over 3 years, Urie for 1 year.

It is Five O'clock at Emma and Jimmy's
Two of their grandchildren (Daniel and Kyle) are visiting.

Emma with Daniel and Kyle. - They attend a small college in Memphis, TN.
Kyle majoring in singing and song writing. - Daniel majoring in music publication.

Jimmy and Terri in a deep discussion.

Kyle singing one of the songs he wrote.
Daniel harmonizing while looking at the lyrics on the laptop.

Songs which Kyle writes and sings have a deep family and spiritual meaning.
Kyle also played a CD which his group published.

They both had their hearts in the song.

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