2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part F


Terri spent a lot of time laying on the beach reading. She also enjoyed watching the ghost crabs maintaining their homes. This one only has one eye and he kept it on Terri.

Pellicans flying over the county beach.
An Osprey is sitting on top of the log standing next to the red lifeguard chair.

I always like watching them fly overhead in a group.

California Chicken. - It has been a long time since I've had this.
These two would not fit on our plates and we kept them warm in the oven.

Terri doesn’t like showering in the motorhome.
The closest shower house is under repair. So she has to go to the one next to the middle pool.
It is easier to go by bike than walk.

She really knows how to ride.

Terri's last day here. Carol and I went with her to the sunrise.

Too many clouds for a good sunrise today.

This is one of the sunrises Terri saw herself.
She went to the sunrise every day.

Another one from Terri's cell phone.

Terri bought a local newspaper every day.
Her last day here she noticed an article in the paper about a free concert at the
Melbourne Auditorium. She told me that it is the music I liked and that I should attend.
Carol and I did attend and it was great. We arrived early and got good seats. I had a spare seat next to me and I am sure Mom was there listening with me. If she was there in person we would have been dancing in the isle because we did dance many times to all but one of the songs. As the curtains opened the “Swingtime” band started with their theme song “Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller. I closed my eyes and felt I was listening to my Glenn Miller record. It was unbelievable and it was free! They have one concert every month and they present it two consecutive days. Each month they have a different theme. There are 22 members in the band plus two singers. Here is a copy of the program.

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