2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part G - Sunsets

We get very good sunsets over the Indian River. We watch them from the river pool and fishing pier at Outdoor Resorts. Most of these are pictures of just one sunset.

Waiting for the sunset at the river pool.

The sun is almost at the horizon. There is just a light breeze. The river is very smooth.

The fishing pier.

A blue heron waiting for the sunset.

Two dolphin swimming by the setting sun.

Zooming in on the dolphin.

A bunch of seabirds flying by the setting sun.

The sun is half way down.

Ths last sliver of sun.

It is time to say goodnight.

The sunset as viewed from our campsite.

Daniel and Kyle watching the sunset their last night here.

The sunset as viewed over the fishing pier.

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