2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part H - Sunrise

Mom used to get up almost every morning and go to the beach to view the sunrise over the ocean. That is where she did her morning prayers. She enjoyed looking at the various cloud formations and tried to determine what or who they looked like. While Terri was here she also went almost every day to view the sunrises. I stayed in bed and let them be at peace with the sunrise. Terri, like Mom, came back every time to tell me what I missed. So after Terri left I did go down to the beach to view two sunrises. Boy what a sacrifice I made!

Whether it is a sunrise or sunset, whenever the sun is just below the horizon the overhead clouds have the most colors. So the sunrise pictures start with good overhead color. My first attempt to view the sunrise was only half good. I looked online for the sunrise time. I forgot to show up 15-20 minutes early and missed a lot of color. So the following pictures are of the second sunrise.

Sunrise over the ocean with just a moderate wind blowing from the northeast.

Looking down the beach there is almost no color.

The sun is at the horizon but the clouds are blocking it.

I zoomed in on the sunrise to see more color.

The sun is getting above the thick clouds on the horizon.
The overhead clouds lost their color.

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