2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part I - Heron

I try to walk 3 miles every day on the beach.
Some days there is nothing different to photograph.
Here are some interesting pictures.

Mom would have a ball with this cloud formation.
To me it looks like a dog with a big nose,eye, and mouth.

When I saw these two heron I did not think anything special.
Just two heron on the beach looking for fish.

As I approached the pair, the white heron took off heading north.

Then came back with a low level pass to the south.

Then the blue heron followed the white.

It looks like they are really together.

They landed and stayed near each other.

Still looking for fish.

I have seen two blues together but never a white and blue.
I continued on my walk. When I came back they were still fishing together.

One day we had a lot of moon jellyfish wash up on the beach. Here are six of them.
Cocoa and Daytona Beaches were on the news complaining about jellyfish also.
This is number is very unusual.

This blue heron spends it's days and nights in the river pool area.

The Goodyear blimp heading south for Miamiís football game coverage.

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