2013 Fall - Outdoor Resorts - Part J - Final Days at ORA

My stay at Outdoor Resorts is now coming to an end. Mark was in Orlando for business and was able to visit two evenings. The first evening I had Carol, Emma, and Jimmy over for Manhattans. Then Mark and I went out to eat. It was the first time Mark met them. We had a very enjoyable time. It was hard to stop and go out to eat.

Jimmy's new wheels for zipping around the resort.

Dean trimming the hedges.

He really does a good job.

That one is a heart on top of a ball.

Having a final meal at Jimmy and Emma's.

Emma working in the kitchen.

Jimmy is always ready with the drink shaker.

Carol and Marty enjoying a drink and snack.

Round two.

Good friends saying goodnight.

Mark having a good German meal at the Coconut Cove Cafe.

Mark's last evening before heading for the Chart House.
The overcast and winds made for a cool (high 70's) walk on the beach.

It was great having him for the visits. It should have been longer and with his family.

As we walked by Jimmy's place he insisted Mark come in for one last drink.

Mark talking with Tom, our waiter.
We also visited with Kim at the bar.

Thanks for the visit.

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