2013 Fall - Savannah - Stop 2

I stopped for two nights in Savannah on the weekend on my return home.
There was an open house at the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. They have an aquarium and research facility. There was a lot to see and touch. The kids and us really enjoyed the time there.

Looking at the turtles at the entrance to the aquarium. The kids have a pet turtle at home.
It is one like what they are looking at; so they were very interested in how big they grow.

Picking up a shell with something living inside.

I asked JJ to put it to his ear to see if he could hear the ocean.
He would not fall for the prank. He knew he would get a wet ear.

Samantha with a live horseshoe crab.

Watching the fish frolic.

Some of these fish really look weird.

Face to face with a loggerhead turtle.


A small octopus. Sammy is afraid to touch the glass.

If you used the flash the octopus would go to that side of the aquarium.

Getting ready to tour their research boat.

Iris, Jeff, and kids.

All of the radars and sonars were working and desplaying.

JJ trying to control a underwater robot.

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